Tournaments is a feature in the Godfather 5 Families game that was added in late 2012.

Torunaments are based on the amount of respect a player earns during a set time period, usually between 2 and 4 days. All players in the server are ranked according to the respect they earn in the tournament. The type of tournament determines what respect is counted to the total. E.g. in the picture below, it is an Attire, Training, and Research tournaments, so only respect from those categories will count towards the player's total. There are also frequently respect multipliers for certain respect categories, from 2x up to 5x, although the latter is very rare.



The Tournament screen at the start of a new tournament.Tournament tiers were instituted a little while after tournaments themselves rolled, due to player requests and complaints about competing against players many hundreds of times their size. basically, tiers divide the tornament into multiple, smaller parts so the player is more likely to compete with similar sized players.

  • There can be anywhere between 2 and 7 tiers, depending on the tournament
  • The divisions for tiers are very ambiguous and noone knows exactly where the cut-offs are
  • There have been numerous issues of placing large players into the lowest tier
  • Lower tiers recieve smaller prizes than higher ones.


  • Diamonds
  • Troops
  • Mystery Boxes - usually they are troop mystery boxes that contain only troops of that type.
  • Any special collectables, such as Snowball or Shamrocks - though these items can only be gained if there is a seasonal event happening concurrently