Thugs are the foot soldiers of the Cosa Nostra, armed only with street smarts and handguns. They however are only suitable for small jobs, they're often outgunned and outclassed in more serious situations" (and smell bad).

The Thug is the first trainable offensive troop in the Godfather Five Families.


Thugs are the first Damage-type troops in the game. They are categorized under basic troops, alongside the Arsonists. They have the lowest health but their damage is better than Arsonists. They are often used as meat shields to attack a tough enemy.


  • High load capacity
  • Very low upkeep cost
  • Trainable in most neighborhoods
  • Needs very low building level requirements to train
  • No research requirements to train
  • Very low cost to train
  • Can train a high amount of Thugs at one time
  • Very quick to train
  • Can be upgraded via Boxing
  • Needs a very low Boxing Arena level to upgrade


  • Very low health
  • Very low damage
  • Very low march speed
  • Weak against Arsonists and Demolitionists
  • Cannot be crafted in Doria Airport
  • Required to craft any troops
  • Needs a very high amount of Thugs to gain a +1 stats in Boxing Arena

Stats Edit


  • Level 1 Boxing Arena
  • 2000 Thugs per sacrifice.


  • Thugs and Goons are the slowest troops in the game.
  • Level 0 Thugs have the exactly same stats with Goons.