FN = First Neighborhood BK asdfsdfdsf asdfdsfdsfdsf
GV = Greenwich Village
BK = Brooklyn
PA = Park Avenue
AC = Atlantic City
CT = Chinatown

TG = Tommy Gunner (attack Troop)

Pros = Professionals (attack Troop)


If you send out troops and want to recall them, go to city view, look towards top of city screen for deploy tab. There you can click on the troop you want brought back and hit recall..

your troops have both attack and defense units to train, so do not ignore or overlook defense units. In your mansion you can hide troops if they aren't enough to defend against stronger players. click on mansion, then the protection tab, then click hidden. this will protect your troops at home until they are large enough to defend.

when you change crew leaders, be sure to leave a member space open, or the person you choose to take the boss spot will be booted.

There is a difference between the first 30 ranks and The Don, underbosses, and capos. These ranks are almost always players who spend a lot of money, just to be top ranks, and stay there. The real Don and other top leaders, are the players in your family, who exhibits the best leadership for your family, and gets things done.