"With strong roots in the freight and docking rackets, the Stracci family relies on old-fashioned business methods to bring in the cash. Feeble in power, they exercise a tactful approach to any situation, and remain one of the most well connected members of the Five Families."

Ico stracci

The Stracci family is one of the families in The Godfather Five Families.

The don of the family is Anthony Stracci.


The Stracci family controlled the New Jersey area and the shipping on the West Side docks of Manhattan. They ran the gambling in New Jersey and were very strong with the Democratic political machine. They had a fleet of freight-hauling trucks that made them a fortune primarily because their trucks could travel with a heavy overload and not be stopped and fined by highway weight inspectors. These trucks helped ruin the highways and then his road-building firm, with lucrative state contracts, repaired the damage wrought. It was the kind of operation that would warm any man’s heart, business of itself creating more business. Anthony Stracci, too, was old-fashioned and never dealt in prostitution, but because his business was on the waterfront it was impossible for him not to be involved in the drug-smuggling traffic. Of the five New York Families opposing the Corleones, his was the least powerful but the most well-disposed.