"♫Those cracked up walls,
Have met their match, 

Missus Patch-0

Top-notch plaster, 
By Misses Patch! ♫"

Nobody puts up a solid wall faster than Missus Patch. If she gets to lay down one of her barricades then she'll take a hit better than any other Clean-Up Crew Troop out there.

Missus Patch is the newest trainable offensive troop in The Godfather Five Families. She can only be trained from the Queens Neighborhood.

Overview Edit

Missus Patches are the third Entrenching unit in the game, categorized as Clean-Up Crew units. They have Damage points as high as Mister Hauls, the highest of the Clean-Ups excepting Mister Split, and they have low Health compared to their teammates. They are frequently used as main attackers to attack either a tough or a weak enemy.

Advantages Edit

  • Strong, does not die easily against most troops
  • Quick
  • Can be upgraded via boxing
  • Needs a small amount of Mister Hauls to gain a +1 point at the Boxing Arena
  • Has a chance to get a Health bonus if deployed from Queens

Disadvantages Edit

Troop statsEdit


  • Level 13 ???
  • 4 Misses Patches per sacrifice

Special Bonuses Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Missus Patch can also be considered as Health unit.