Misses Neat

"♫Those other gals,
Just can't compete, 
With a fresh clean, 
By Misses Neat! ♫"
Nobody expects the maid service to come in guns blazing, which means that nobody in the city is better at ambushes than Misses Neat. If Misses Neat gets her Quick Draw off then she'll dish out more damage than any other Clean Up Crew Troop in the city
Misses Neat is a trainable offensive troop in The Godfather Five Families.

Overview Edit

Misses Neats are the third Shock-type troops in the game. They are categorized under Clean-Up Crew troops. They have Damage points as high as Mister Fixit's, the best after Mister Haul and Mister Split, and Health as high as Mister Split's, third after Mister Snip and Mister Haul. They are frequently used as main attackers to attack either a tough or a weak enemy.

Advantages Edit

  • Strong, does not die easily against most troops
  • Quick
  • Can be upgraded via boxing
  • Needs a small amount of Mister Hauls to gain a +1 point at the Boxing Arena
  • Has a chance to get a 100% Damage bonus if deployed from Little Italy

Disadvantages Edit

  • High upkeep cost
  • Only trainable at the East Expansion of Little Italy
  • Takes a very long time to meet the requirement to train
  • Cannot be crafted in Doria Airport
  • Needs a high-level Boxing Arena to sacrifice

Troop statsEdit


  • Level 13 Rosales Arena
  • 4 Misses Neats per sacrifice

Special Bonuses Edit

Trivia Edit

  • According to their stats, Misses Neats can be classed as Health-type troops.