Medical Courier

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"He may look like a reed, but whatever the Medical Courrier's got in his bag keeps him going long after everyone else is in the dirt. The doc is in."

Medical Courier is a non-trainable offensive troops in The Godfather Five Families.


Medical Courier are the fifth non-trainable and the eighth Health-type troops in the game. They have the highest health in their category, but lowest damage after Hit Squad. Before the debut of Clean-Up Crew, they were supposedly introduced as the main enemies for the Johnny Law, alongside the Death Squad and Delivery Bomber, so their attack and health points are better than most Johnny Law.

Advantages Edit

  • Strong, does not die easily
  • Quick
  • Can be crafted in Doria Airport

Disadvantages Edit

  • High upkeep cost
  • Not-trainable, except in some certain events
  • Needs the highest level Hangar to craft
  • Needs a high amount of lower troops to craft
  • Needs many strong troops to craft
  • Cannot be upgraded via boxing
  • Never goes to jail, except if a Special Attack Bail Order is active


Requirements Edit

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Bonuses Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Medical Courier is the only troop in Special Attack category that is not classed as Balance-type troop.
  • Medical Courier, Sniper, and Hitman are the only troops whose picture were changed for some reasons.
    • The Medical Courier has received an updated image as of August 25th 2014.