Throughout the game, a player will come across items
Armory screenshot

The Armory page, with a level 2 Armory, and several items in the armory.

that can be eqipped to units. Players can obtain these items by attacking gangs. Different level items are awarded (if you defeat your opponent) to the player. The higher the level (1-10 and special) the better boosts the items give. However, in order to equip items of a certain level, one must upgrade their armory in their estate to that level. Items can also be sold for cash money. Once again, the higher the level item you have, the more you can sell it for. Items boost two main stats - health and attack, with either stat being raised by a maximum of 75%. Items of each level are divided into three categories - bronze, silver, and gold items. Each category also gives boosts in Resorce Production (Bronze), Resource and Cash Production (Silver), and Respect (Gold). At level 1, you start with a 5% bonus for each category. With each progressing level, this bonus increases by 5%, with a maximum of 50% for each bonus. Special items (the signature coupe) raise both health and attack at the same time (by 35% and only comes in gold). As level increases, the boost percent for each mastery (bronze, silver, and gold) increases by the current boost percent + the base level 1 boost percent. For example, the level 1 bronze nail bat has +5% attack, and this increases to 10% and then to 15%. The lootable items are as follows:


Nail Bat (base boost: +5% attack/$100)

Molotov (base boost: +5% attack/$100)

Scarf (base boost: +5% health/$100)

Motorcycle (base boost: +5% health/$100)


Stilettos (base boost: +6% attack/$1200)

Magnum (base boost: +6% attack/$1200)

Fedora (base boost: +6% health/$1200)

Speedster (base boost: +6% health/$1200)


Piano Wire (base boost: +7.5% attack/$15000)

Tommy Gun (base boost: +7.5% attack/$15000)

Italian Suit (base boost: +7.5% health/$15000)

Caddy (base boost: +7.5% health/$15000)

Special Category:






Signature Coupe (base and max boost: +35% attack and health/$150000)