Need some muscle? Invest in Greenwich to unlock the toughest Health Troops. Life's better in suburbs.

Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village Estate (Fully upgraded)

Greenwich Village or Greenwich or GV is the second Neighborhood available in The Godfather Five Families.


Greenwich Village is the second neighborhood introduced in the game. It has 1 Expansion with Exclusive Buildings located in it. This neighborhood has 3 exclusive troops, all classed as Health-type troops.


There are currently three ways to get Greenwich Village deed, they are as following: 

Rackets Edit

Greenwich Village has 4 Racket buildings. Like the First Neighborhood, Greenwich Village's rackets do not have the slot-machine-interface, which means no bonus cash or items will be granted from those rackets. Each racket requires a certain level of Mansion to be unlocked.

Those racket buildings include:

Exclusive Buildings Edit

The Greenwich Village has its own Exclusive Buildings, all located in the East Expansion. Those buildings are:

Exclusive troops Edit

Greenwich Village also offers three exclusive troops:

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