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The Garage is an Estate building that let's you build Damage units. Every level of the garage decreases the training time for Damage Units by 2.5%. That means if you have a level 10 Garage, the overall training time for Damage Units would be reduced by 25%. Not only this, the Garage also decreases the training time for Balanced Units by 1.25% for every level its upgraded, so having a level 10 Garage means total training time for Balanced Units would be decreased by 12.5%. The workshop also contributes to the decrease of training time for Balanced Units.

These training times may work in conjunction with the Workshop. For example, having both level 10 Garage and level 10 Workshop for Balanced Units is would give a bonus of -12.5% + -12.5% = -25% training time.


  • Reduces training time for all units which include courier's Delivery Truck's and other support units
  • Reduces training time by 2.5% per level for Damage Unit and Shock Troops
  • Reduces training time by 1.25% per level for all Support Units. This also includes Couriers and Delivery Trucks.

Level 1Edit

Decrease training time by 2.5% for Damage Units and by 1.25% for Balanced or Support Units Cash : 2,000 Food : 300 Steel : 1,000 Cement]] : 300 Construction : 9m 31s Or 6 Diamonds

Level 2Edit

Decrease training time by 5% for Damage Units and by 2.5% for Balanced or Support Units Restaurant Lv 3 Cash : 4,000 Food : 600 Steel : 2,000 Cement : 600 Construction: 19m 3s Or 10 Diamonds

Level 3Edit

Decrease training time by 7.5% for Damage Units and by 3.75% for Balanced or Support Units Restaurant Lv 5 Cash : 8,000 Food : 1,200 Steel : 4,000 Cement : 1,200 Construction: 47m 37s Or 10 Diamonds

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