First Neighborhood (Estate View)

First Neighborhood or FN for short is a neighborhood in The Godfather Five Families.


Like its name, The First Neighborhood is the first neighborhood introduced in the game. It is unlocked for free at the very beginning of the game, when the a player starts to play. It has 2 Expansions, the East and the [[First Neighborhood West Expansion|West]], 4 Racket Buildings, 4 Exclusive Troops, and 12 Exclusive Buildings. It is the only place where the players can send their troops to be upgraded through boxing.


In the First Neighborhood, the rackets do not have the slot machine interface, thus will not grant you any cash bonuses nor items.

The following are the racket buildings in the First Neighborhood

Exclusive BuildingsEdit

The First Neighborhood has 12 exclusive buildings located in the Estate, Central Neighborhood, East Expansion, and West Expansion

  • Marnie Garden
  • St. Marco Arena
  • Duke Palace
  • Bolser's Arena
  • Rosales Arena

Exclusive TroopsEdit

This section lists all of the exclusive troops found in First Neighborhood.

Gallery Edit

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