Diamonds are a type of currency in the game the godfathers five families. Diamonds are only obtainable from buying with actual cash, earning them, winning them in an event, or winning them on any of the tournaments server.

Free DiamondsEdit

You have to click the add button in the top right corner. Then look near the bottom right and click earn diamonds from special offers. Then choose whichever one you want and do the required things to earn the diamonds.

Buying DiamondsEdit

Click on the add button in the top right corner. Then choose how many diamonds you want to buy. Then enter in you information and pay for the diamonds. There are 7 different diamond bundles you can buy:

  • 65 diamonds for $9.99
  • 155 diamonds for $19.99
  • 225 diamonds for $29.99 + 15 Bonus Diamonds
  • 400 diamonds for $49.99 + 25 Bonus Diamonds + 10 Free Bonus Items
  • 1000 diamonds for $99.99 + 100 Bonus Diamonds + 20 Bonus Diamonds
  • 2500 diamonds for $249.99 + 500 Bonus Diamonds + 50 Bonus Diamonds
  • 5000 diamonds for $399.99 + 1000 Bonus Diamonds + 80 Bonus Diamonds
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