"Seeking to create peace among the Five Families, the Corleones prefer diplomacy to violence. Described as both respectful and concise when handling matters of business, they are know for forging alliances and seizing lucrative opportunities to expand their own powerful empire."

Ico corleone1
The Corleone family is one of the five families in The Godfather Five Families. They are usualy the largest family on the majority of the servers.

The don is Vito Corleone.


The Corleone family is arguably the most respected and feared among the Five Families. Agamemnon, serving as Don, has well been known as a man of honor, respect, and ruthlessness. The Family was founded in blood: in 1920, Vito Corleone assassinated Don Fanucci, seized his properties, and founded the Genco Olive Company as the base of criminal operations. From then on, Vito began his campaign to seize power, crushing all resistance along the way. By 1933, Vito prevailed against the Maranzano family in the Olive Oil War. He then went about starting the Pacification War, to wipe out or absorb every opposing Black Hand operation in the city. In Vito’s eyes, winning this war would finally allow for peace to exist between the Five Families.