Chinatown Estate

Chinatown Estate [1]

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Chinatown is a neighborhood available in The Godfather Five Families. Chinatown is the sixth neighborhood introduced in the game. It has an expansion with 3 new buildings located in it. It has 3 exclusive troops all classed as Operative-type ones.

Acquiring Chinatown Edit

To unlock the Chinatown, the player must obtain its deed and build it on an empty slum. There are currently 4 ways to get the deed. Those way are by:

  • Buying it directly from the store for maximum 25 diamonds
  • Trading it with 4 Daily Tokens
  • Winning it at the Lucky Chances
  • Obtaining 100 Chinatown Bonds from Gangs and Murder Incs.

Rackets Edit

Chinatown has 4 racket buildings that will give the players an amount of cash every a period of time. These rackets have the slot-machine-interface, allowing the player to get a chance to gather more cash or bonus items. Those rackets are:

Exclusive Buildings Edit

There are 3 buildings that can only be found in the Chinatown East Expansion Permit. Those buildings are:

  • Clip Joint
  • Deputy Mayor's Office
  • Chow's Seafood- building required for Mister Pao

Exclusive Troops Edit

Chinatown also offers 3 troops that can only be trained in Chinatown. Those troops are:

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