is the currency in the Godfather 5 families. HideoutsApartments, and Cityscapes all increase the hourly cash production in each respective hood,. Especially when training more powerful troops (which cost more cash to train), cash can become a very valuable commodity so if you have a good amount of it (a few 100+ million), make sure to heavily guard your supply.

How to get cashEdit

  • It is earned automatically at an hourly rate in each hood from Hideouts and Apartments
  • Can be looted from successful attacks on gangs + cityscapes
  • Can also be stolen from players
    • $2,147,000,000 can be stored in each of a player's hoods
  • May purchased in the store
    • 80k Cash - 2 diamonds
    • 250k Cash - 6 diamonds
    • 500k Cash - 10 diamonds