The Assassin

The Assassin's seductive charm and fully loaded gun make for a deadly combination capable of bringing any opponent to their knees-- or to an early grave.

The Assassin is a trainable offensive unit in The Godfather Five Families.

Overview Edit

Assassins are the fifth Damage-type troops in the game. They are categorized under Femme Fatale troops, alongside the Black Widows. They have better damage and health than the Professionals, but have lower health than their counterparts, the Black Widows.They are sometimes used as meat shields to attack a tough enemy.



  • High upkeep cost
  • Takes time to meet some requirements to train
  • High cost to train
  • Needs a high amount of Influence to train
  • Long training time
  • Needs many lower troops to craft
  • Needs some moderate troops to craft
  • Needs a high-level Boxing Arena to sacrifice
  • Weaker when facing Booby Trap, Armed Guard and most Pulitori


Requirements Edit

  • Level 8 Marnie Garden
  • 7 Assassins per sacrifice

Special BonusesEdit


  • The Assassin, Sniper, Butcher, and Black Widow used to require contracts to train, but as new units have been introduced that require favors and kickbacks, the contract requirement has been removed.



An Assassin Contract which used to be required to train Assassins.